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Looking for someone who would be interesting in rapid roleplaying/one on one roleplaying with my new human character  Alitheia by hp-abrasion 
i can't seem to get enough muse going to write lengthy posts for her, but theres so much i want to do with her. Anyone interested! :D
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Tharos Vauquelin
Finally got a ref done of my love Tharos! Thank you CaelyCat for bringing him back to life!
Reference Sheet by: CaelyCat 
Design by myself

Age: 6
Gender: Stallion
Height: 22hh
  • steel grey coat
  • black mane that extends to his elbow
  • black tail that stops 2 inches above the ground, gold streak from the top of the dock down to the floor
  • gold and black armor
  • friesian build
  • half bald face (gold), 4 gold markings across his shoulders, gold dorsal stripe  
  • hunter green eyes with gold specks
  • black forelock that covers his eyes
  • very muscular
  • back hooves with gold specks

Extras: Voiced by Liam Neeson

Born into a line of royalty Tharos had always had the best in life; the finest armor, housing, food. He lived the good life, romping around the castle with his best friend who was adopted into the royal family. His mother, The Queen, though reluctantly, took the filly in after her mother, a servant of the palace, passed away.  
The spotted filly had been reduced to a mere slave, though Tharos never saw her as such. Their friendship blossomed after three years into a spark, which grew into a flame and the love for each other showed. Tharos knew with out a doubt his mother would never approve of their relationship so they kept it a secret for as long as they could. With in the three years Tharos trained to become the greatest knight within the Kingdom and was soon the leader of his fathers armies.
As time passed, his father became ill and soon passed on to the afterlife. Though both stallion and mare knew The Queen would never let them be together Tharos never lost hope in their love. Once the time came for him to choose one of the mares as his mate, he refused them all. The Queen was outraged and sent him away, but in the dead of night Tharos snuck out to meet with the mare and confess his love for her. Together they shared a kiss and made plans to leave the Kingdom of Aeolian.
But The Queen has many spies within the castle, she allowed the two a week before exposing them for their treason. She locked Tharos with in the dungeon and chased the spotted female from the lands. Once he was released the stallion was under extreme supervision, he continued his training to become King, but upon completion he was challenged by a rival male for the throne and forfeited his crown.
His mother, enraged, tried to chase him out, but he instead fought her off; she in return was chased by the new King and Tharos became his right hand. A few years passed and the new King sent Tharos out to fulfill his own destiny and his journey led him to the land of Aashirya.

Don’t let his harsh appearance fool you, Tharos is quite a caring and lovable creature. His tutor had instilled in him at a very young age to love all, whether they were royalty like himself or one of lower class and standing; they were all equal in the eyes of the Creator. He had the bravery and strength of a lion and was knighted by his father as “Fidei Defensoris” or the Defender of the Faith and thus had his sword engraved with the words. When knighted the horse are given an animal “sprit”, Tharos was naturally given the Lion, the bravest and most noble of all the animals.
Though Tharos is very prideful, he is humble as well, always thinking of others before himself. Giving to those in need and defending the weak; many of his rivals thought of him as weak, but non could stand against his brute strength and cunning mind.
As kind hearted as the brute might seem he is also one you should never cross, he can go from sweet, to killer in a matter of seconds if you cross him wrong and attempt to take advantage of him or the ones he vows to protect. Like the armor that adorns his bodice, Tharos has a heart of gold and a willingness to fight for honor, faith and the weak.

Standing right at 22 hands high this behemoth of an equine doesn’t look friendly at all. His steel grey coat is lace with the purest of gold coloring, his face is bald from just below his eyes, down to his muzzle, but the marking fades up his cheek in a line and ends at the tip of his ears. Green optics with golden specks is what he uses to gaze upon the other wise cruel world, though his stature is seemingly harsh, don’t let his looks fool you. He is as kind as a kitten, a gentle giant.
Long black locks flow from his crest down to his elbow covering the four gold meteor looking markings upon the right side of his shoulder, an identical four sets of gold markings adorn his left shoulder as well. A golden dorsal stripe runs down his back, though it isn’t solid it seems like it had been dusted on with gold dust. The dorsal stripe ends at his dock, but the gold continues down his dock and into his tail.
His muscular bodice is usually adorned with black, gold and red armor. His has a unique head piece, a chest and shoulder piece, front leg pieces, crest piece and a black chain mail blanket that covers his back and his rump with black leather straps. The armor is mainly black with intricate gold carvings on it. A red lion adorns his chest piece and a sun adorns the headpiece at his forehead.
His hooves are all black with a few gold stripes here and there, his feathers fade from steel grey, to black and are tipped with gold.
Looking for someone who would be interesting in rapid roleplaying/one on one roleplaying with my new human character  Alitheia by hp-abrasion 
i can't seem to get enough muse going to write lengthy posts for her, but theres so much i want to do with her. Anyone interested! :D
  • Listening to: enya
  • Drinking: sparkling ice


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